Trump tackles Macron after meeting Pita

Trump tackles Macron after meeting Pita

Donald Trump has been harshly critical of the French president after expressing interest in working with Joe Biden. The former US president believes that countries like France will “become rich at the expense of the United States.”

“It is good to have an American president who is part of the club and is very keen to cooperate. You have shown that leadership is a partnership”: Emmanuel Macron’s announcement about his American opponent at the G7 summit on June 11 went unnoticed across the Atlantic. Le Figaro.

He and many of his predecessors were tearing America apart as before in France and Europe.

In A statement Published on its official website on June 12, former US President Donald Trump did not fail to respond. Rejecting these comments, the former White House tenant slammed the French president: [Emmanuel Macron] Before him, many leaders in France and Europe tore America apart as before. We were treated very unfairly with horrible trade deals and paid huge sums for their protection.»

According to Donald Trump, European leaders “applaud Pitan because they will now be allowed to resume their old fraudulent practices.”

“[Intanatukalippotuamerikkavinilappilpanakkararkalakamarumkatantakalattilceytataippolaorumarramceyyappatumvarainanmutalilamerikkavukkakairukkiren”enrutonalttirampmutikkirar[Cespaysvontmaintenants’enrichirauxdépensdesEtats-Uniscommeilsl’ontfaitparlepasséjusqu’àcequ’unchangementsoitopéréJesuispourl’Amériqued’abord»conclutDonaldTrump[இந்தநாடுகள்இப்போதுஅமெரிக்காவின்இழப்பில்பணக்காரர்களாகமாறும்கடந்தகாலத்தில்செய்ததைப்போலஒருமாற்றம்செய்யப்படும்வரைநான்முதலில்அமெரிக்காவுக்காகஇருக்கிறேன்”என்றுடொனால்ட்டிரம்ப்முடிக்கிறார்[Cespays vontmaintenants’enrichirauxdépensdesEtats-Uniscommeilsl’ontfaitparlepasséjusqu’àcequ’unchangementsoitopéréJesuispourl’Amériqued’abord»conclutDonaldTrump

The former U.S. president, who is still banned from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, has confirmed that Republicans will attend the North Carolina Republican convention on June 5 to “seize the White House sooner” than some thought.

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