Insecure, Season 5: Isa Ray shares his emotions for the last day of filming

Insecure, Season 5: Isa Ray shares his emotions for the last day of filming

Isa Ray, who is expected to air soon on the American channel HBO, has just finished filming the 5th season of his “Insecure” series. A moment of emotion was shared on social networks.

Relatively unknown to the general public when the series began in 2016, Isa Ray, who co-created the series with Larry Wilmore, established himself as one of the most talented artists of his generation. Insecure, Its story focuses on the emotional and professional life of Isa, a young African-American whose life turns upside down as he approaches his thirties. On the last day of filming, Isa Ray shared his feelings with his fans on Twitter.

“Today is my last day of shooting. Last week I said goodbye to my favorite people on earth, on screen and outside, ”he writes. “I never thought how many doors this was going to open. I am forever grateful to those who helped us make this project fruitful,” Isa Ray continues with a few pictures in his commentary.

His screen partners have also spoken on social media, including Yvonne Orji, who plays Isa’s best friend in the series. “I will miss these wonderful men badly. I not only worked on a series with fellow actors. It was a family, I had the privilege of growing, learning and living with him,” he writes on Instagram.

The funny role, however, also comes from Instagram, from Jay Ellis, who plays Issa’s ex-boyfriend Lawrence.


In one story, the actor released a photo of Isa Rae sleeping on a sofa during the filming of Season 2. Jay Ellis promises that Yvonne Orzy forced himself to take the picture. We are glad he did.

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