Austin newspaper refuses to publish a clear explanation after the shooting of 14 victims. Guess why !!! – Perfect scoop

Le journal d’Austin REFUSE de publier une description SUSPECT après un TIR de 14 victimes.  Devine pourquoi!!!  – Le bon scoop

You Know Why. You know why the American politician from Austin refused to warn local citizens that their lives might be in danger from a shooting that ran after 14 people were injured.

You know why they refused, and if the explanation is a little different why they don’t want to.

Freelance journalist Andy Enko has a story, as he often says.

Editor’s note: Police released only a vague description of the alleged shooting on Saturday morning. Austin American-Statesman did not include this explanation because it is too vague to help identify the shooter at this time, and such a release could undermine uniform consistency. We will update our reports if more detailed information is released.

“The only ones that are harmful.” Incredible. Lips hate the truth.

You all. Stephen F. Austin (rest in peace) would not admit this. This is not Texan. Austin has been occupied by vulgar Yankees and foreigners, liberal invaders from the north and left coasts.

We need another wall. On this border.

Note: The number of people injured in the shooting has been updated to 14 after Andy Enco’s tweet.

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