At age 43, American football legend Tom Brady will play in his 10th Super Bowl final – the Oyster-France evening edition

At age 43, American football legend Tom Brady will play in his 10th Super Bowl final - the Oyster-France evening edition

A true American football legend Tom Brady qualified for his top 10 on Sunday nighte The Super Bowl final with his new team, the Buccaneers. At 43, who already has a tremendous career, quarterbacks can never impress. Return to his exceptional journey.

At age 43, Tom Brady continues to write his legend in American football. On Sunday night, the quarterbacks qualified for their 10th Super Bowl final with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Florida). The most successful player in the history of the National Football League (NFL), who has already won six Super Bowls, will try to win his seventh title against Kansas City Chiefs on February 8. In his early days, however, nothing foretold such a life.

Born in San Mateo, California, near San Francisco, Tom Brady grew up with his three sisters and soon developed an interest in American football and baseball, showing himself to be very talented in both fields. Forced to make a choice to coordinate the university teams, the young man chooses American football and takes the direction of the Wolverines of the University of Michigan, where he joins the team as a quarterback, which is the primary level of discipline.

However, his first two seasons were far below his expectations. He’s one of the replacements for future NFL star Brian Grease, not playing a game. Despite the hard work and lack of an athlete, the California player finally won his place as the holder at the start of the Greece and convinced his coach and his teammates that everyone had dropped the number of passes attempting his university record (56), passing (31) and passing yards (375). .

Recruiters have no confidence

The following year Drew Henson, a knockout and an exceptional athlete, stumbled upon him. Despite all his efforts, Brady lacks the mobility and strength to reach the highest level. His playing time is reduced, but his ability to decide at the end of the match allows him to win the position of possessor and gain a nickname. Baby again. Now is the time to join and join the big leagues in the NFL.

Despite his good performance in Michigan, Tom Brady was not one of the best choices in the draft (buying college players by professional teams). For good reason, recruiters are still very skeptical and their statements are final: “It simply came to our notice then. Slow quarterback on handset. There is no escape from stress due to lack of movement. “

His lack of speed and relaxation is emphasized many times. So Brady is selected by the New England Patriots for 199 in the 6th round. He does not know this yet but he will stay there for 20 years and become an American football legend in this right.

Tom Brady would have played in 20 seasons for the New England Patriots. (Photo: AFP)

The beginnings are nonsense though. Sixth in the quarterback’s line-up, the youngster is only playing one game in the first season, but takes advantage of the injury sustained by Drew Pletcho at the start of his second season. He will never get out of it again. That was even the beginning of his glory.

His masterpiece in 2007

On February 2, 2002, the Patriots won the Super Bowl against the Saint-Louis Rams and Tom Brady was selected as the MVP of the Finals at the age of 24, the second youngest player in history to achieve this feat after Lynn Swann. Then the young man becomes a star and his life changes dramatically.

Here she is now glorified for a charity show with Mohammed Ali in a boxing ring, as a judge of beauty contests and on all television sets, for her weird life and her unspoken humility. A reputation that will never leave him and marrying Brazilian model Gisele Pontson in 2009 will make him a constant target of the paparazzi. Cinema also opens doors for him in many roles.

His relationship with model Gisele Pondson pushed Tom Brady into the realm of celebrity. (Photo: AFP)

At the forefront of the game, Tom Brady continued his attack by winning a new Super Bowl in 2004, during which he was re-elected as MVP. Rebellion in 2005 with a new title. His third in four years with the Patriots.

2007 is his masterpiece on a personal level. He broke a number of personal records this year, including passing the touchdowns in one season (50), leading the attack to a record 589 units. He was the first quarterback to win sixteen regular season games unbeaten. According to many sports experts the best season for a quarterback. His name has continued to be the best player in history ever since.

At the heart of a scandal

The player is then at its peak, but could have stopped everything by 2008 next year. A terrible knee injury in his first game kept him sidelined all season. Judgment is heavy: anterior cruciate ligament and tibial parallel ligament tear. Complications after his first surgery cast doubt on the end of his life.

It was his regression and his stupid mind counting. Tom Brady is playing top American football again and performing better than that. He was voted the best player of the season in 2010 and, ten years later, took his team to the new coronation in 2015. He then formed the most successful quarterback-coaching team in NFL history with his coach Bill Belichic.

Tom Brady has won six Super Bowls with the Patriots, more than any other player. (Photo: AFP)

If his career is a flaw on the ground, the player on the other hand sees his reputation tarnished in the summer of 2015 by the “Default Gate” scandal. The Patriots NFL suspect that he deliberately dropped eleven of the twelve balls in the finals of the conference.

This is because low-flying balloons are easier to catch and can travel further. A plan announced to Tom Brady made him a partner or a cheater in the public eye.

The affair occupied the headlines of the sports media for several weeks, and fans were torn between pros and cons.

New challenge in Florida

After all, the player has been building his legends for many years and is positioning himself as the best quarterback in American football history. As he got older, his performance did not deteriorate, and in 2017, at the age of 40, he was again selected as the best player of the season. February 4, 2019 His dedication: Proud to be the only player in history to win six Super Bowls after the victory of the New England Patriots ahead of the Los Angeles Rams.

At the end of the Patriots ’cycle, after 20 years in ownership, he decides not to extend his club forever. “I now live two happy decades that I could have imagined.” Announced to have played 285 matches in New England Jersey.

His coach, Belichic, is known for being very quiet and will pay tribute to him: “It’s a privilege to have coached Tom Brady for twenty years. He didn’t perform well. He didn’t win. He won the championship again and again. Sometimes it takes a long time to really appreciate anything or anyone in life, but Tom’s condition is not like that.”

The Baby again So Tampa Bay, the most average team in the NFL, will choose to join the Buccaneers, so he was brought to the Super Bowl final on Sunday night, defying all expectations.

Again his determination, his game intelligence and his remarkable leadership under pressure carried his team. This will be Tom Brady’s 10th final in 21 seasons. Tremendous.

During a channel interview ESPN, Tom Brady expressed his desire to play until he was 45 or his physical condition allowed it.

He can go on to one of the rarest records he has ever owned: quarterback George Blunda was the oldest player to play in the NFL in 1976 at the age of 48. Tom Brady knows what he’s doing, and it is. have to do.

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