In Invalidis, a new wild party is dispersed by the police – Liberation

In Invalidis, a new wild party is dispersed by the police - Liberation
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Police on Saturday evening intervened again to disperse hundreds of young spectators who had gathered for the second consecutive evening at the Esplanade des Invalitis in Paris. Three participants were arrested.

The call spread on social media, especially in Tic Tac Toe. Hundreds of young people gathered again Saturday evening at the Esplanade des Invalitz in Paris, a wild party disbanded by police before a curfew order was postponed from Wednesday to 11pm.

Police, intervened “Non-compliance with health regulations”, Were “The target of the projectile”, Police headquarters said on Twitter. According to pictures posted on social networks, a private car was damaged. The police headquarters announced on Twitter that three people had been arrested around 11pm.

“It changes the festivals”

By the time the curfew order began, only small clusters of people were at the scene, they gradually evacuated, surrounded by Esplanade police trucks. Violet, 16, told AFP she came from Hots-de-Sean with her friends for a new Project X party (named for a 2012 American film about a youth party) that, according to her, 1,000 young people. “It changes the festivals. But still […] This (Saturday) evening, it really came to an end ”, She promised“By 9:30 pm, the police had already begun to intervene. “

Inspired by the news posted on social media, 17-year-old Cedric came to the party with music from the 15th Arondisment with several friends: “We had a bachelorette this year. We need to relax a bit.”, He pleaded, while at the same time denigrating the truth “The whole projectile blows towards the guards”.

After the announcement of “Project X” on the evening network, 1,500 to 2,000 young people gathered on the vast lawn of Invalidis on Friday evening. Police had already intervened around 11pm and were already targeting the missiles, a police source said. No arrests or injuries.

In the capital, there were only young people who disobeyed the curfew order on Saturday evening: from Concord to Borde de la Chapel, via the Grand Boulevards, the city was still packed with spectators at 11:30 p.m. In all generations, sometimes with a bottle in hand, and the bar terraces remained open. “That night, the police had to intervene to end several secret evenings or crowds of people on the public highway, disregarding curfew orders or prohibition gestures, especially at the level of Tuileries Garden or Dino Rosie Square.”, On the shores of the Seine.

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