Country faces major invasions of spiders and rats (video)

Country faces major invasions of spiders and rats (video)

Then The fire that broke out early last year Who destroyed Many hectares of forest and many animals were killed, Australians face exceptional flooding today, Unheard of for many years. Some animals are fleeing due to this weather.

The real invasions that deserved the 10 plagues of Egypt

You know for sure Egypt’s ten arguments that God imposed on Pharaoh to free the Hebrews from slavery. Current weather conditions in Australia are similar. In recent days, the eastern Australian territory has been hit by heavy flooding, which has distressed local wildlife. Heavy rains in the country force spider colonies out of the ground and take refuge in the heights. Many Australians have found hundreds and thousands of spiders on the walls and roofs of their homes.

In addition to spider invasions, Australians must also fight mouse invasions. As you can see in the video below, thousands of them have escaped the flood.

The Australian government warns residents

Although the spiders featured in the videos above are mostly harmless, L.A.He expects the invasion of the most dangerous creatures. As reported in a statement, “Warming temperatures and high humidity make the perfect cocktail for a. Balance explosionAtrox robustus In the next few days. They have been evicted from their habitat and taken refuge in arid areas. This can unfortunately happen That means they will enter the house very soon. ”

The name Adrox Robustus should not speak to you, however They are highly toxic tarantulas and therefore very dangerous to humans. Those who have the “courage” to catch tarantulas are invited to bring them back to the collection areas provided for this purpose.

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