5,000 foreigners work in tourism on the northern Black Sea coast, in the country – 20,000

5,000 foreigners work in tourism on the northern Black Sea coast, in the country - 20,000

Ilyin Dimitrov Varna is the head of the tourist room.

“Summer is hard on the northern Black Sea coast. The main issues are related to access in every aspect – according to the rules for tourists leaving Bulgaria – with or without trials. Example discourse when PCR tests for Romania fail – We immediately noticed a rise in reservations – I traditionally expect – The Varna area, the Poles, the Germans, the Romanians, the Bulgarians, I was talking about last year.

“Everything is very energetic, we get bookings, but they are not paid, can be canceled at any time. Scandinavia has postponed its flight plan, flights from Great Britain start on July 1, we do not know about Russia, we are due to the political decision not to fly their flights in European airspace We lost them to Belarus, ”he explained.

“Alpena” at the resort “We expect 4000 tourists by the weekend, currently 6 hotels are open” – “Albena” Commercial Director K.P. Margita Dodorova said. Major tourists are Bulgarians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Czechs, French. Expectations are for a better season compared to last year, which is estimated at about 30 percent.

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