Magic ignites: “He’s a superstar, period! Like KD, LeBron or curry ”

As a big basketball fan, Magic Johnson spends a lot of time in front of the playoffs. During these first rounds, one player particularly caught his eye. To that extent he already compares him to greats like LeBron James or Kevin Torrent!

These playoffs mark the arrival of the new generation of NBA superstars! In fact, many young talents are emerging from the shadows and showing that they are completely ready to take the league by storm over the years. Trey Young and Luca Doncic For example, they have proven that they can take on the role of Option # 1 in playoff teams, and they can do better The best draft in 2018 vintage history !

But they are not alone … if he necessarily helps A terrible Chris Paul, Devin Booker proves to his opponents that he is more than a striker. He picked one up Famous heatstroke to remove lockers In the first round, he can lead his Suns to a great range against the Nuggets! A leader in the back, a winner.

What about Donovan Mitchell with Mercy since the playoffs began? By repeating the cards, with the most correct address, Speeda becomes one of the best players in the league. Magic Johnson things are so simple, he’s already level Kevin Torrent, LeBron James and other big stars.

Donovan Mitchell is a confirmed superstar, scoring 45 points in Game 1 and 37 points in Game 2! I should start mentioning this with Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

Magic Johnson is mesmerized by Donovan Mitchell’s performance, and he’s not the only one. But Stephen A. Smith took his thinking further and expressed a great compliment to Mitchell ESPN:

Donovan Mitchell is a superstar! Donovan Mitchell Dwayne Wade 2.0! He can do nothing on the ground. I do not want to hear about Carl Malone, I do not want to hear about John Stockton Donovan Mitchell is the best player in the history of this franchise!

Donovan Mitchell gets the most commendable compliments on this playoff campaign! It is up to him to confirm those kind of words by wearing Utah Up to The final …

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