How Biopharmaceutical Companies Like Samsung Biologics Are Fighting COVID-19 and Preparing for Future of Biopharma

In 2021, perhaps no industry has had a greater impact on the world than the world of biopharmaceutical companies. This industry is transforming the way we combat viruses, treat major diseases, and improve the overall health of the human race. But how do biopharmaceutical companies manufacture and develop these lifesaving treatments? By combining their efforts with CDMOs such as Samsung Biologics.

What Do Biopharmaceutical Companies and CDMOs Do?

Biopharmaceutical companies are involved in the research, development, and production of drug products and treatments to help serve the healthcare needs of people around the world. These biopharmaceuticals, developed around the concept of natural processes in living organisms, often result in less side-effects than their synthetic counterparts. Everything from seeking more advanced cancer treatments to developing vaccines against COVID-19 fall under the umbrella of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Some CDMOs, such as Samsung Biologics, are also part of the biopharmaceutical player. . These CDMOs generally partner with pharmaceutical and biotech companies offering their manufacturing and development capabilities.

To explore this further, let’s look at some of the most recent partnerships and announcements from Samsung Biologics.

Partnership with Moderna

It was recently announced that Samsung would partner with high-profile COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna to provide fill-finish capabilities for mRNA-1273, Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. Samsung Biologics will provide aseptic fill-finish, labelling, and packaging services for the biopharmaceutical company.

“This vaccine is paramount to people around the world in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and we truly appreciate our client Moderna for entrusting and choosing to partner with Samsung Biologics for the fill and finish of this important vaccine,” said John Rim, CEO of Samsung Biologics. “Due to the high level of urgency in supplying the vaccine to the global population, we have set immediate action plans and schedule to make mRNA-1273 available for commercial distribution in the early second half of 2021.”

A Series of Recognition Paves the Way for a Responsible Future

Another way that Samsung Biologics has been cementing itself as a global leader is in its responsible and sustainable practices, as evidenced by a series of new certifications they recently obtained. These include ISO certifications in effective environmental management, occupational health and safety management, energy management, and business continuity management.

“We are extremely proud to obtain four global ISO certifications during a time where a high degree sustainable management system is vital, especially in light of COVID-19, to stably operate and supply crucial biomedicines for patients,” John Rim, CEO of Samsung Biologics, commented. “Samsung Biologics is a leading CDMO committed to taking responsibility and consideration of ESG factors across all of our business areas, and we will continue to enhance our capabilities to meet the evolving needs of clients while ensuring the safety and security of not only our people but also of the environment to ultimately create a better future for humanity.”

Samsung Biologics was the first company to have earned the BCMS certification in South Korea back in 2018 and will now be qualified with the international accreditation across all of its business areas with a recently extended certification.

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