The gift of life, the value to be spread in Jesuit education

The gift of life, the value to be spread in Jesuit education

The Pope sent a video message to the 20th anniversary of FLACSI, the Federation of Latin American Colleges of the Jesus Society.

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“Jesus’ model of teaching to interact with others and creation”, Pope Francis explains in this message. “He teaches us to go out and meet the little ones, the poor, the left. He was always looking for these people.”, Emphasizes the first pope from the community of Jesus.

Fran பிரான்ois therefore wants the students of these schools to be trained to give their lives to others above all else. Jesuit companies should be “Welcome Schools”, “With real open doors, not just talks”, Schools “Where the poor can enter, where can we go to meet the poor?”. In fact, the poor “Build the wisdom of the gospel, this is the privileged perspective we can learn so much from.”.

Train your conscience to welcome others

Jesuit schools should not back down “In a selfish elite” But teaching young people to live in fraternity, viz “The Objective Identity of Mankind and All Creation” Not a simple moral obligation. “I want your schools to teach people to understand, to read the signs of the times, and to thank and share their own lives as a gift. ”

So young people need to be trained “An important approach to the growth, production and consumption model pushes us toward shameful inequality, which affects the vast majority of the world’s population.”, The Pope repeats with the same accents as in his encyclopedia Appreciated. “What you want is for your schools to have a conscience, to develop a conscience” and to train their disciples and missionaries. “, The Pope explains, using the terms of the Aparecida document, which he drafted.

Francis concludes by promoting Jesuit colleges “Service for the Promotion of Confidence and Justice”, And invites them to persevere in the dynamics of the global compact for education.

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