London: Incredible swimming pool between two buildings, but not for everyone

London: Incredible swimming pool between two buildings, but not for everyone

A masterpiece of modernity, a dream in its purest form, a technological achievement … all the overlays may be due to this London swimming pool. The Sky Pool, as its name implies, is a new attraction in the Pottersey District (southwest London) because it connects the two buildings of the Embassy Garden Project, reports Le Figaro Real Estate. If many people were skeptical about realizing it, waiting for it to see the standard of living, not only in the plans, they were not disappointed, as many media outlets across the channel have reported.

Built with a 36-centimeter base to support the weight of the water (375 tons) and its occupants, it measures another 25 meters in length and is suspended 35 meters from the ground. Sensitive souls or those with dizziness, stay away. Hall designed it with acrylic panels, making it the largest structure in the world. It acts as a bridge between the two buildings, still 15 meters apart. In the unpublished photos, we can clearly see photos of people swimming between the two buildings. These are reflected in green, so this blue color will connect the bridge to the top floor.

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There is no entry even when paying the fee

Seen from below, its blue combined with the sky makes it look like a dream, and according to our colleagues, it is highly criticized. The reason? This is not intended for everyone. This is because if the real estate project is offered to community housing, its residents will not be able to access it and will only make their eyes cry. A reviewer in the Guardian was also taken aback: “The project is a way of constantly reminding tenants of the community housing, whose windows open directly into the swimming pool and they are excluded from it.” Because yes, even with the fee entry fee, they are not welcome. If you are not invited, of course.

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