Evo Morales |  Alberto Fernandez |  Lula da Silva |  Point Pedro Castillo |  Sao Paulo Forum |  Miguel Rodriguez McKay |  Politics

Evo Morales | Alberto Fernandez | Lula da Silva | Point Pedro Castillo | Sao Paulo Forum | Miguel Rodriguez McKay | Politics

The It has not yet completed the voting of citizens in Peru and abroad, and the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) is yet to decide on the challenged votes. Left-wing leaders, however, prefer , Y They want to give as president-elect , From , V , From , Creating an unstable climate.

Follow here the official number of people ousted by one of these 2021 elections

“Involvement in the internal forum as visible actors of their countries is a clear intervention in internal affairs and when I refer to interference with state leaders, it came precisely from Argentina. This is an international illusion because no one can justify anything until JNE declares a winner based on the decision dictated by the ONPE. “, The internationalist told the newspaper Miguel Angel Rodriguez McKay.

According to the analyst, presenting a presidential candidate as a winner without any consideration of a constitutional system This is a pressure It will not contribute anything to the peace of an extraordinarily polarized country after a final decision amid challenges for minutes provided by Fursa Popular and Peru Libre.

This is the difference in votes between Point Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori

Recall that the President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez congratulated Pedro Castillo on his invitation via his Twitter account “President-elect of Peru”. With this, The Precisely to the Argentine ambassador “The final results of the 2021 general election have not yet been announced by our country’s election officials. ”

One of the most talked about foreign left-wing politicians in Peru is the former president of Bolivia Evo Morales, After congratulating Castillo on his “victory”, was encouraged to advise him not to trust the Organization of American States (OAS) or Louis Almacro, secretary general of the organization.

“Evo Morales, by practicing their tricks, contributes to creating a destabilizing climate. This is the irresponsible act of a former head of state And it’s subject to the instability of the Peruvian domestic front, creating an expectation in Peruvian society that is not in the imaginary yoke, but a winner when it is not real.Rodriguez McKay said.

SAO PAULO Forum Priorities

According to the internationalist, it is behind the successful announcements of the foreign left , A continental organization formed by the Cuban dictator and Brazilian trade unionist Lula da Silva, leader of the Brazilian Workers’ Party.

Check it out here: Vladimir Seron at the Sao Paulo Forum: “Fidel Castro is a living example in our community” (video)

“The Sao Paulo Forum appears to be the Chancellor of the Latin American Left Create these fake election victories that don’t exist Only an official result can indicate it. He is as accustomed to disrupting order as he was to Colombia, or has done so in Chile, and is used to exploiting these situations and running into the National Front, like the Peruvian thing, with uncertainty on the inside. And respecting the will of the people, they hope to achieve a task that they can never achieve democratically under pressure. “, He analyzed.

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Keiko Fujimori is asking for a vacancy of about 200,000 votes on Peru’s ballot

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