The suspects chased the anti-aircraft battery from the Russian border

The suspects chased the anti-aircraft battery from the Russian border

On Wednesday, Dutch judges overheard intercepted phone conversations in which those accused of shooting down plane MH17 arranged to deliver an anti-aircraft battery from the Russian border to eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, the day of the tragedy.

A Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has been shot down in the wake of an armed conflict with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people.

Russians Sergei Dapinski, Igor Kirkin and Oleg Povladov, and Ukrainian Leonid Kartchenko – four pro-Russian separatists from eastern Ukraine – have been accused of taking part in launching the missile that shot down the plane. Attempts are made in their absence.

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In an intermittent telephone exchange broadcast in Schiphol court on Wednesday, the suspect Oleg Povladov told Sergei Dapinski – “Colonel“At trial – that he needed one”Long-range artillery“In eastern Ukraine, after heavy casualties in air strikes.

In a call from the morning of the play, which also aired on the court, Dapinsky informed Pavlato. “BUK will be brought to him“By Leonid Kartchenko, he will have to do”Will be placed near Pervomysky“(In eastern Ukraine).

According to the investigation, the suspect referred to the anti-aircraft battery. “Buck-Dolar“It’s July 16-17,” he said.Was taken to the Donets across the Russian border“, Said a magistrate.

The court – which has not yet handed down a verdict – also examined elements of Wednesday’s hearing, according to which a ship carrying a semi-trailer carrying an anti-aircraft battery BUK then sailed near Pervomysky.

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