The controversial Keystone XL pipeline was permanently abandoned

The controversial Keystone XL pipeline was permanently abandoned

Canadian giant D.C. Energy announced the final abandonment of the Keystone pipeline project on Wednesday, June 9th XL, Puts an end to 15 years of controversy. A result “Disaster” A huge win for his supporters, but also for the defenders.

D.C. Energy has created its mind “After a thorough study of the options available for the continuation of the project in consultation with its partner Alberta Government”, Accurate Radio Canada.

But the pipeline carrying more than 830,000 barrels of oil a day between the Canadian province of Alberta and U.S. refineries in the Gulf of Mexico was already dying: US President Joe Biden blocked the project one day during his presidency, according to his campaign promise.

The project met with fierce opposition “Since its inception, it has become a symbol of the political divide over the future of fossil fuels in the United States.”, Note Financial Times. Launched in 2008, Keystone XL Canceled by Barack Obama and then re-launched by Donald Trump, before being blocked again by Joe Biden.

The latter, like the conservationists of the environment, aims to build a new infrastructure “Bringing more oil to the United States conflicts with the need to respond to climate change by choosing cleaner energy.”, Explains The Wall Street Journal.

Fear of leaks

The US President considered it further “Allowing the project to go ahead would undermine its international credibility while convincing other countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.”, Adds economy daily.

Defenders on Wednesday cheered, including Bill McGeeben, founder of the association and an early opponent. “When this fight started, people thought you could not defeat the big oil companies.”, Did he announce? “But there is strength in solidarity even against the most powerful fossil fuel groups.”.

Environmental activists are not the only ones opposed to the pipeline. Mention it Washington Post. The project also attracted criticism “Farmers, herdsmen and tribal leaders do not want to be forced to give up their right to the passage. D.C. Energy), and feared that the tap would one day leak and contaminate the water supply ”.

“It is difficult to emphasize how big this victory is for activists, especially the tribal organizations that were at the forefront of the opposition in Keystone. XL, Analysis Kismodo. The victory to give wings to the demonstrators who deliver at this moment “Other fights against oil pipelines”, Especially in Minnesota and Michigan.

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“Destructive News”

Proponents of the project, on the other hand, do not hide their frustration. The Toronto Star Remember Alberta County “If you had invested $ 1.5 billion (over one billion euros) in Keystone, you would have had $ 6 billion in guaranteed loans.”. The final bill for Canadian taxpayers is expected to be $ 1.3 billion.

“We are disappointed and frustrated with the circumstances surrounding the Keystone project. XL, Including the revocation of the President’s (Joe Biden) permit, which allows the pipeline to cross the border ”, Said Alberta Premier Jason Kenny, Quoted Globe and Mail.

On the U.S. side, Republicans are as angry as Senator Steve Daines of Montana. “This is devastating news for our economy, our jobs, the environment and national security. It’s all Joe Biden’s fault.”, Did he announce, Quoted Mountain. “There is no doubt that President Biden is handcuffed to environmental extremists.”.

A few hundred kilometers – of the project’s 2,000 – were built in 2020, mainly on the Canadian side. At the height of construction, the work mobilized about 2,500 workers. D.C. Indicated that energy will ensure “Close site securely”, Without specifying what will happen to the already installed sections.

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