Keiko Fujimori is appealing for the cancellation of nearly 200,000 second-round votes in Peru


Right-wing presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori asked for 802 tables zero across the country in Peru’s Electoral Court this Wednesday, representing about 200,000 votes.

Fujimori made the move at a press conference in Lima, where he was overtaken by his left-wing rival, Pedro Castillo, after a close vote on Sunday.

“Popular force today presents zero operations of 802 polling stations across the country, activities to be provided to the National Electoral Arbitration Board”, Fujimori said this shortly before the most recent report by the Electoral Commission that he would put his 73,069 votes behind his rival.

As of 8:47 pm on Wednesday (9:47 pm in Chile) the National Electoral Processes Office (ONPE) counted 50.209% of the vote for Castillo, 49.791% of the vote for the right-wing leader, and 99.073% of the tables.

Minutes “They represent approximately 200,000 votes. They must be withdrawn from the national count when the cancellation measures are agreed.”Fujimori explained with two lawyers to describe the process of presenting these actions to the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE), which would require them to agree to the cancellation of these votes.

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“In addition, we are monitoring the challenge process, which is 1,200 minutes, and we hope it will be counted in the final count of JNE later,” he said.

So, if 200,000 votes were added to the 802 tables submitted for the 1,200-minute cancellation requests representing 3002 votes, the Fursa popular candidate explained that “500,000 votes are still at risk.”

“We believe it is necessary to analyze the final number (500,000 votes) that the National Electoral Arbitration Council must pass,” the El Comorcio newspaper said in its online edition.

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Fujimori on Monday denounced his rival, Pedro Castillo, for “cheating at the table” in the Peruvian Liberal Party, which was declared the winner on Tuesday.

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