How Joe Biden stole the show from Macron

How Joe Biden stole the show from Macron

Since his election, the US President has been very active in the field of international cooperation, the news site reported Politics, His French number is an annoying gift. With Biden’s arrival, Macron is no longer the world champion of the “progressives” camp.

“Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron do not agree much, but in a way, for the French president, life was easier when Joe Biden was not yet in the White House.” It is through this observation that, paradoxically, the information site may appear Politics Introduced his article. According to the Brussels media, Macron should be politically closer to the new president of the United States Democrats than to the former Republicans, but precisely this ideological proximity could pose a problem.

In fact, “When Trump first pursued his foreign policy, the United States, Macron could easily present himself as the world’s ‘leading pluralist’, committed to working together for the global good.” However, this dress has now been approved by Joe Biden.

An example: the leader of the Democratic Party plans to raise the patent for vaccines. This one was “Surprised by its European allies”, Written by Politics,



Launched on April 21, 2015 with the aim of “Shake” EU press coverage, Politics Above all it was created by the two main signatures of the American site Washington Post, John


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