China vs Australia: Reasons for increase

China vs Australia: Reasons for increase

DECRYPTION – Canberra is a planetary outpost that wants to reduce the influence of its first customer, Beijing.

To China “Send missiles to Australia in case of China-Taiwan conflict” And can easily “Target Military Objectives”. Hu Jijin, Editor-in-Chief Global Times, The English-speaking media of the Communist Party of China, famous for its often militant tone. But his latest theft, more militant than ever, says a lot about the deteriorating relationship between Beijing and Canberra. The Australian General, Major General Adam Findley, recently stated that there was a conflict with his troops with China “Most likely”.

In one year, between these two business partners, 4,000 km. In late May, the court denied permission to the Australian ambassador to China Experiment with Australian writer Yang Jun (Whose pen name is Yang Hengjun), accused of spying for Beijing. A competent approach “Spontaneous and opaque” Presented by Australian Foreign Minister Marice Payne.

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