Alyssa Milano plans to run for Congress

Alyssa Milano plans to run for Congress

Alyssa Milano wants to be a member of the US House of Representatives. The actress addressed her political aspirations in an interview with The Hill magazine.

The charmed actress has become a true political activist.


Alyssa Milano is considering running for the US Congress. The political activist who became a glamorous actress had previously hinted at entering politics on Twitter, and in an interview with The Hill magazine, a key figure in the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements confirmed that she is considering it more seriously.

“I split my time between Truckey and Bel Canyon, California, where the Republicans have a strong branch in the 4th District,” he said. I want this seat to turn blue again. (Tom) McClintock is going to carry someone with a recognizable name and deep pockets to get, so I think about it. “

“Madame is provided” goes first

However, who is the boss? He added that any political aspirations will have to wait after the revival of the series, in which Tony will play his screen father Tony in the role of Samantha Michaeli opposite Dansa. The original sitcom titled Madame is presented in French and aired from 1984 to 1992. “Obviously I can’t do both at the same time,” he explained. So, this is really a question of time. “

In another statement to Deadline, the 48-year-old star said he is likely to run for office in 2024.

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