Visitors to the Zonal Intermediate are completely stunned in front of Oliver Groutt’s incredible apartment in London

Visitors to the Zonal Intermediate are completely stunned in front of Oliver Groutt's incredible apartment in London

“Restricted Zone” Sunday, June 6, shows the daily lives of four French players on the French football team. Five days before the start of the euro (June 11-July 11), only 1.76 million people saw it, which is fair even if the audience is not actually there. “Restricted Zone” Special. However there was something to satisfy the curiosity with the funny scenes, while others were very sad and, above all, as close as possible to the world champion footballers, which was a rare moment. We never saw Blues captain Hugo Loris, defenders Bresnel Kimbe and Lucas Hernandez and striker Oliver Groot.

The strongest moments of this “forbidden zone” were the hopes of these 2018 world champions in their personal lives: when Hugo Loris, Lucas Hernandez departed overnight from his father when his mother died in April 2008, or Oliver Groot, his grandmother and his No time to watch a video call with brother (looks like him) due to busy schedule. Audiences of “Zonal Intermediate” were moved by these stories, which allowed them to get to know these players who had become stars for two years. And those who attended M6 Than TF1 See துச்சே 3 Or Yaw With Omar c Surely France2 They were also able to locate Oliver Groutt’s residence in London, and they fainted.

I have to say it was shelterOliver Groot Absolutely amazing. The second-highest scorer in the history of the French team with 44 goals, ahead of Thierry Henry (51 goals) and Michael Platini (41 goals), lives with his wife and children in a large apartment with a breathtaking view of the famous river. Forget the gray of London Thames. The decor, which, according to some observers, is slightly white, is as interesting as a copy of the World Cup sitting in his living room or in his personalized channel oil barrel. It is not known exactly how much this apartment measures in terms of m2, but the living room found in it “Restricted Zone” Suggests that there should be plenty of space to see the fun.

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