Australia’s largest dinosaur belongs to a new species

Australia's largest dinosaur belongs to a new species

A new invention. A dinosaur discovered in Australia in 2006 has been identified as belonging to a new species, known as the Australopithecus couperensis. The discovered bones allow us to confirm that the dinosaur in question is undoubtedly one of the largest living on Earth.

According to experts, the animal measures five to six meters in height and twenty-five to thirty meters in length, making it the largest known Australian dinosaur and one of the largest in the world. It belongs to a group Dinosaurs Called “Titanosers”. “Compared to the size of the limbs, this new titanosaur is one of the five largest in the world,” said Robin McKenzie, a researcher at the Natural History Museum in Iromanga. Experts estimate its weight to be between 23 and 75 tons.

The dinosaur bones were found on a family farm in the northeastern state of QueenslandAustralia, Near the Iromanga bed. It was nicknamed “Cooper” by researchers who studied it, and the cove where the fossils were found. The discovery was initially a secret, and until 2007 the skeleton was not made available to the public.

3D comparison of bones

Studies to identify these bones and confirm that the animal belonged to a new species were a “very long and arduous process”, according to museum archaeologists, especially because of the size and subtlety of the bones. BBC.

To determine if this dinosaur belonged to a different species, researchers had to compare its bones with other Australian dinosaurs and other countries, especially thanks to 3D analysis. This digital capture process also noted that Cooper’s bones were crushed by the footprints of other robots. The research was published in the scientific journal Birje.

“The scientific publication marks the culmination of seventeen years of joint efforts between the Queensland Museum and the Iromanga Natural History Museum, geologists, fossil makers and, above all, volunteers,” the Queensland Museum said in a statement.

However, the largest dinosaur ever discovered in the world was the mayor or “Patagonian Titan” with the boat discovered in 2017. ArgentinaIt weighs about 70 tons and is 40 meters long.

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