The oldest coastal bottle in history is found in Australia

The oldest coastal bottle in history is found in Australia

By Alexandre Lesure

On Sunday, January 21, 2018, while walking with a friend on a beach north of Western Australia’s Wedge Island, Donia Ilman made an incredible discovery.

As he was returning to his car, the Australian found a bottle. “I took it thinking it would be beautiful in my house,” Tanya explains Site Her photograph of her husband. But really she was holding it in her hands More than a simple decorative item.

Very old news

Looking inside this cork bottle, His son’s girlfriend At first he saw a cigarette. That’s by turning it overShe noticed that it was a rolled-up message, Tied with a piece of string, but too wet to open without damage.

When she got home, Tonya decided to put it in the oven for a few minutes to dry. Then she was able to read the message He asked readers to contact the German embassy if they saw the letter. Except that the latter is dated June 12 … 1886. Not believing their eyes, Ilman’s family members went to the Western Australian Museum and approved the document.


Not spoiled for 135 years

This is very true. The bottle is said to have been thrown from the German ship Paula in 1886 Crossed the Indian Ocean, 950 km off the coast of Australia. At that time, German ships carried out an experiment that threw thousands of bottles into the sea to follow the ocean currents. In each message, The ship’s coordinates and date were indicated.

The bottle would have reached Australia within a year and then buried in the sand until it was discovered. “To think that this bottle has not been touched for 135 years and that it is in perfect condition. “J.Still trembling “Tonia said. Guinness Book of Records Confirmed itThis is the oldest news from a bottle in the ocean!

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