Luke’s money phrase in Porchis before going on vacation

Luke's money phrase in Porchis before going on vacation

Although the future of Christophe Porchisis looks brighter than ever on the Dallas side, Luca Doncic has released a sentence that makes sense of the Latvian situation. Is it politically correct or is it a real demand for his coach? The future will tell.

You do not need to draw a picture: in the midst of a much lower level of play than expected from him, rumors of tensions Luca Doncic And rumors of growing frustration with Christophe Porcis’ character are apparently not living his best life in Dallas. Following his particularly tasteless playoffs on his part, a trade seems inevitable… or almost.

Ginger’s biggest deal (more than 30 million a year) will cool the entire league or almost. If there are scary rumors that Washington is overseeing the case, Dallas should also be prepared to see the former Nix continue the adventure in Texas. In this case, it is necessary to explode the ulcer with Luca Tansik.

The Slovenian, in fact, was questioned about Porchisi during his final media session before going on vacation. His answer is minimal, especially interesting to say in the last sentences.

(My relationship with him) Very good. He is a good player. Also, I have no idea what we are going to do with the list for next season. I think we have free agents this summer. At the NBA, you have new team members every year, so I have no idea what’s going on. But (Porchisis) is a good player. I think we should use this more.

This will delight the main interested party! KP, frustrated at not being involved enough in the crime, finds his opinion shared by the owner’s star. News for Rick Carlisle? Although we know that Luca is monopolizing the ball in Dallas, this is an interesting question தீ The harm of porcis.

In this context, the possible solutions are very clear: either, Carlisle has found the right formula to balance, satisfy, and win over everyone, or Mows decides to take the lead by trading Porcis in order to give a good one. And not worrying about the disappointments of his “lieutenant”, and the total keys to the Danzig truck. Hell of a puzzle in sight.

Before going on vacation (but since he will be competing in the Olympics with Slovenia), Luca Doncic confirms that he publicly considers Christophe Porcis to be “overused”. Does he really mean it? Some answers in the coming months …

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