Escape: London walk through the Thames

Escape: London walk through the Thames

It is a city of bricks, iron and steel, built over water in central London. Thames, a long river of calm. In the curve of its every transformation, great history and little secrets of turbulent capital are told. To find them, we sail on one of the many cruise ships that cross the river every day and offer an overview of the finest monuments, such as the London Ferris Wheel, the Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament.

Below the deck, tea is served, a British tradition to satisfy the taste buds and students. But for the crew, it was time to admire the scenery, and Thames would not forgive any piloting errors. Well Moore, they will not travel. Forty boats make up the undeniable village, access to which is well secreted. A French resident, Tatiana Colette-Abraxin, agreed to welcome us at our peril. She accidentally discovered this place 6 years ago and can not imagine her leaving.

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