Australia: Mungo Park, the Milky Way Photographer of the Year

Photo Mungo Park
By Benjamin Voland | On 06/08/2021 at 12:00 | Updated on 06/08/2021 at 13:16

Every year, the Capture The Atlas competition, a platform that specializes in photography around the world, invites photographers to keep the Milky Way alive.

Among those selected for the 2021 edition, “ The Dragon’s Lie “From Daniel Thomas Gum. The photographer is immortal Park National Mungo, Located in the southwest New South Wales.

Under the midnight blue and orange armor of the Milky Way, the rock walls முங்கோ Draw a green horizon for the harmony of enchanting colors. All this, in addition to the spectacular landscape of the park. A unique photograph captured by the artist gives the place an almost dreamy look, as if out of time.

A feeling was also shared Gum As he explains in his description: cMy favorite nighttime landscape film to date. முங்கோ It is a 12 hour drive from my house Sydney […] By the time I stumbled upon this scene, I knew what I wanted to name the film. It came from another world – think Game of Thrones.

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