Trevor Story did not want to sign with the Rockies

Trevor Story

Here is a file that has caused a lot of reactions in recent days: Trevor Story.

He will become a free agent at the end of the shortstop campaign, and there is a big risk that he will be traded by the trading deadline because the Rockies will not fight for a playoff spot.

But another piece of information about the case came out: Story had no intention of extending his contract with the Rockies. He wants to get out – which is not really surprising.

The Rockies traded him well. What’s the point of having his services for a year that doesn’t fit the team at all? Although Story has not had the best season of his career, he is a very effective player, he can help a team that needs a shortcut. There are plenty of possible places, but for sure, what are the As in the race.

The New York Yankees may also like adding batting depth and a good defensive shortcut.

Currently, the star player is on the injured list, but out of 205 batting appearances in 2021, he maintains a .255 batting average and made 23 points.

When asked about the team’s general manager, Bill Schmidt, about his star player’s departure, he replied that he was not at this point.

Schmidt also noted that he has not yet spoken with other teams regarding a transaction.

“Not really much. Some clubs have contacted us and expressed interest if we come to this. But there is not much to talk about… There is really nothing to follow.

– Bill Schmidt

Anyway, don’t expect Trevor Story to end the season in Colorado. According to this writing, he may even be in his last days with the organization.

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