Threats to the “Treaty of the Century” came to an end between France

Threats to the "Treaty of the Century" came to an end between France

Australia is considering alternative solutions if the “Century Agreement” with France fails. An Australian Defense Ministry official has said it is concerned about building the next 12 generations of submarines to navigate the vast island continent.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is scheduled to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. “This meeting will take place on June 11, 12 and 13 after the G7-Plus meeting in Corbis Bay, England”, ABC News said, “In Paris, the Prime Minister should put pressure on President Macron on a future submarine project that will face difficulties.”

May 2016: Submarines after Nickel

The question of the continuity of this plan is an important one in terms of Australian domestic policy. The “Treaty of the Century” was formalized on May 2, 2016 by the then Prime Minister of Canberra, Manuel Valls, and his Australian envoy, Malcolm Turnbull. A few days ago, in New Caledonia, Manuel Valls announced his support for the French Society of Le Nickel, and then with great difficulty.

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Prime Minister Manuel Valls with his Australian opponent Malcolm Turnbull

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A strategic agreement

In Australia, for $ 68 billion (56 56 billion), the French team ended up with the Navy Group (formerly DCNS) to build these 12 submarines, which normally operate in Australia, and now the businessman denies being accused of budget violations and delays. In August 2016, he was also involved in an attempt to destabilize him through the press. A rival of the Navy Group (formerly DCNS) was suspected.

In the case of a Plan B …

“If this plan does not continue, it would be prudent to consider Australian security alternatives,” he said. Australian Defense Ministry High Commissioner Greg Moriarty told the Senate hearing.

“Careful, the ministry is developing an emergency plan”, He added that the Australian government has “Totally determined” To solve the problems in the French leader naval team.

However, Australian officials said the backup was classified as “Plan B”.

Mr. Moriarty noted that he had been researching the matter specifically for several months.

“For the past 12 months I have been thinking more about this issue because it is clear to me that we are struggling with this next generation submarine project.” He added.

Not anymore

France accepted the most important technological transfers associated with this efficient submarine. Twelve assault class submarines are the regular version of the French nuclear-powered Barracuda. They are to be built in Port Adelaide. The site is huge and has a lot of industrial challenges.

The Navy team was selected in 2016 to build these submarines, with the first delivery scheduled for 2032. However, since then, the AFP has said it is having trouble implementing the plan.

The boss of the French businessman, Pierre-Eric Pommellet recently visited Australia. There, Canberra pledged 60% of the value of the plan to move to Australia as needed.

However, both parties have not yet succeeded in finalizing the next phase of the $ 3 billion deal, which was scheduled for earlier this year.

The deal covers 2,800 jobs in the Adelaide region of Australia, 3,000 kilometers from New Caledonia, while employing 500 people in France, mainly in the design sector, in the Cerborg-en-Content. As part of the deal, Australian families settled there.

Australian military experts hope these submarines will help Australia provide reliable defenses in the event of hostile action. “If the agreement is not implemented, it will be a blow to the Indo-Pacific axis that Emmanuel Macro is calling, one of which is the founding process. Says Bastian Vandentik, an international relations analyst and Pacific expert.

Parliamentary Report

2021 Report of the Armed Forces Ministry to Parliament In arms exports from France, orders show a decline. However, France is the third largest exporter in the world. The Asia-Oceania region represented 22% of French exports by 2020, viz. “Slightly higher share than seen in last three years” The report mentions the Ministry of the French Armed Forces. This year, the deal for the sale of 36 raffles with Indonesia is well underway.

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