Soon, Brussels is ready for a liberation with London – liberation

Soon, Brussels is ready for a liberation with London - liberation

European union

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The Commission has expressed its annoyance at the detention of natives and the desire to discriminate against Europeans and divide them. Controversies that increase tensions over fishing and the Irish question.

The government of Boris Johnson has decided to realize that European citizens are no longer welcome in the British Territory. “The rehabilitation and detention cases we have identified show that the British authorities are particularly serious about our countrymen, which indicates a state of mind., Annoying a French ambassador. They want to send a political signal that it is difficult to come to the UK now. ” If the diplomatic effect of this ill-treatment is at least doubtful, then the benefit of domestic policy is obvious: “Sovereignty is built primarily against the union, which pleases conservative voters and the popular press.”, The same diplomat mentions.

Traps young people

In Brussels, the attitude of British police services is analyzed: “Clearly, they want to trap the young people who come in by telling them that they will work even for a few hours, which is from January 1

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