What fell on Brazil?  This obscure stone may come from another planetary system

What fell on Brazil? This obscure stone may come from another planetary system

On the night of May 30 to June 1, a meteorite struck the Earth’s atmosphere over Brazil. As usual, the meteorite lit up the sky like a bright car and rubbed against the upper atmosphere. You can tell any other spacecraft.

In this particular case Meteor Entered inside Earth’s atmosphere At a very sharp angle. Interestingly, however, initial analysis of the recordings from the two cameras recorded it entering its atmosphere, indicating that the meteorite would be much more interesting than it was.

Researchers write that the flight path and the speed of the object indicate that it may have come from outside The Solar System. If so, this would only be the third person identified Galaxy object Visitors to our planetary system.

The first object of this type Omuvamuwa, A planetary asteroid that passed through the solar system in 2017. Astronomers discovered it when it left the solar system. The second object is a comet 2I / Borisov Discovered in 2019 when Perseus enters the solar system from the direction of the galaxy.

The object captured by the cameras in Brazil will be the third galaxy and the first object to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. If not for the cameras – we can be glad it collided with a small object. If Omumuwa or 2i / Borisov had collided with Earth, it could have ended in a severe catastrophe.

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