Skin Cancer: Free Screening for All at Myson Medical in London Skin Cancer: Free Screening at Myson Medical

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Promoting French-friendly treatments throughout the year, Maison Medicale de Lundres launches a major free screening campaign for the first signs of skin cancer. We talked to Dr. Eleanor Marshall, who works as a general practitioner there and explains everything about this beautiful surgery.

Perfect attempt to celebrate National Skin Cancer Week This wants to happen soon among our neighbors in France.

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The main role of screening Identify potential symptoms that are not perceived or unknown to the patient. The process is part of a real deterrent logic. Objective: To treat the cause of the symptoms before the disease develops. So, Medical House Starts this process now We insist on free. Appointments are available immediately, and it only costs ten minutes of your time. We will explain everything to you.

Early screening saves lives

Skin cancers must be thoroughly identified and treated upwards to reduce their significant mortality. The main target here is melanoma, which the doctor emphasizes can appear at any age. Defensive. Thus they are the most worrying form of skin cancer and they can be small and benign in appearance. So they really need this skin expertise. They must be removed at all costs before they become more dangerous: if the tumor progresses without such expectation, the chances of survival, even in a young and healthy population, will be halved. 16,200 cases of melanoma per year in the UK !

There are two other types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinomas or squamous cell carcinomas (squamous cell carcinoma). These often occur with aging. Fifty past: As with many of these types of symptoms, the risks increase with age.

How to test in London? How is the selection done?

In short, You must call the switchboard at +44 20 7589 9321 to perform this screening Or send an email [email protected]. Dr. Marshall will welcome you inside Medical House Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. “Screening” does not take No more than ten minutes!

It takes place in the form of examining all the skin parts of your body, area by area, whether or not it determines the presence of moles to monitor or remove. In an academic logic, the professional will explain to you How to monitor your skin for a long time.

If a sore has bothered you before, do not hesitate to present it straight. Similarly, if the doctor notices distinct spots from others, she will pass them “under a magnifying glass”, more precisely with a dermatologist, to study the pigments in detail and to express any suspicion.

If screening is really free, keep in mind that treatment of ulcers or melanoma will be at your expense. Also, since Dr. Marshall is fluent in French, English and Spanish, do not hesitate to tell your foreign friends about this activity. We are all vulnerable to this problem and early detection will bring it to light.

This free screening function is valid from June 5 to July 5, 2021.

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