Navy Team. New controversy over agreement with Australia “considers alternatives”

A hot topic in domestic politics in Australia, the deal continues to generate more ink.
A hot topic in domestic politics in Australia, the deal continues to generate more ink. (© DCNS)

This is usually a nickname ” The deal of the century “For many years. Industrial project, size $ 68 billion (ில்லியன் 56 billion), ended in between Navy Team And thisAustralia For construction 12 running submarines Regular in Australia, charged Budget violations and delays, Which protects the entrepreneur. Since 2016, the Navy Group has met with numerous criticisms from political opponents and the Australian press, which has never been far from a one-of-a-kind pose. One more episode appeared this week.

La Defense opens a door

Australia is considering Solutions Alternatives An Australian Defense Ministry official has said that if the “Century Agreement” fails, it will end with France, which will be involved in the construction of 12 submarines for the massive island-continent’s navy.

“If this plan cannot be pursued, it is prudent to consider alternatives. As a precaution, the Ministry is planning an emergency.”

Greg MoriartySenior official in charge of the case at the Australian Ministry of Defense

Nevertheless, it made clear that the Australian government was “absolutely committed” to resolving issues within the Navy. However, in reality, Australian officials say the details of Project B have been categorized.

“We have a deadline”

Over the past five years, the Navy Group has fully committed to the Australian Federal Government to upgrade the capacity of a sovereign submarine and to manufacture twelve regional superior assault class submarines in Australia. Lillian Brain, the new director of the Australian project, took office at the end of May. Creating 2,800 jobs in this country, while employing 500 people in France, mainly in the design sector.

The boss of the French businessman, Pierre-Eric Pommellet recently visited Australia. There he promised 60% of the value of the plan to return to Australia as needed in Canberra. Both sides failed to finalize the next phase of the $ 3 billion deal, which was scheduled for earlier this year.

“Our rivals, the Australian opposition, say we don’t know how to make a deal and we could not get involved. This is wrong. It defended the Navy team at the beginning of the year. We meet the deadline, we respect the budgets, we are committed.”

Pierre-Eric doll Chief Executive Officer of the Navy Group

Next week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is scheduled to meet with President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

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