From London to Paris, airports are fearful of enrichment this summer

From London to Paris, airports are fearful of enrichment this summer

The owner of Paris airports fears a “waiting time apocalypse” about the arrival of passengers as controls are multiplied by the epidemic. The Director-General of the IATA, fearing the same enrichment as departing at airports, is given proof of his coveted position before boarding.

« Restrictions on passengers due to health conditions, first police control with passports, then mandatory PCR check for those coming from Scarlett countries, then in the second column before the police …“Augustine de Romanet, CEO of Airports de Paris Group (ATP), expressed concern about the risk of concentrations at the Rosie CDG and Orly airports during a dedicated press conference on renewable fuels on Tuesday. The Paris airports boss said he was currently discussing the risk with the Interior Ministry, especially as supplies to non-European destinations were further reduced.

Alarmist anywhere else in the world of rhetoric. Willie Walsh, new CEOIATA (International Air Transport Association), He warned that airports could not manage the volume of passengers if they had to go to the airport check-in counter before boarding. Former British Airways CEO fears chaos ” Do you want to prove that all the customers have filled the forms on paper, PCR checked and these documents should be verified by those at the check-in counters?.

At airports in most countries, proof of coveted status is required before boarding. But this requires going to a check-in counter, which has not been the case for many travelers in recent years, with an increase in mobile boarding passes and online check-in. This refers to additional tasks for airlines. Etihad is trying to fix this by establishing data verification procedures before arriving at the airport. British Airways for its part in introducing a new virtual queue application for its check-in counters at Heathrow Terminal 5; To use it, it is enough to set aside a time in advance.

Companies are definitely counting on new Covid status verification applications like AOKPass, IATA Travelpass or VeriFly. The European Health Pass, now set for June 26, will help ease passenger traffic at airports.

It is also important that the access conditions in the countries to be visited are clear. Across the channel, British health officials warned of “chaos and chaos” at airports, with the Transport Minister severely criticizing Grand Shops for its irregular contact with the traffic light system for travel. The announcement of the “green list” of the twelve countries to which the British could go led to a sharp increase in air bookings, without clearly removing some of the restrictions on the target countries. So, in the next few days, many Britons will not be allowed to disembark and will be sent back to the UK …

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