We have no oil in France, but we have a lot of American filming

We have no oil in France, but we have a lot of American filming

While the Cannes series revives the seventh art worldwide, international box office color picks and theaters are reopening, with France preparing to host several U.S. shootings. Considered an attractive region for cinema, France seems to be the new favorite destination for big American productions outside the studio.

We think of the example of Ridley Scott, who was filming his new film a year ago The last fight In Dortogne, with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Adam Driver. Since then, Paris has not held large American shoots for more than a year because of a health crisis that has severely imprisoned capital.

Great products

From April, the mini-series Queen of the Serpent Filmed by Justin Heidey in the studio of Provence Studios in Marseille, south of France. As this large and long production of Lionscate TV is a historical series centered on Catherine de Medici, Chato de Clemencio is still filming.

Accordingly in the short term Variety, Welcome to the Paris team John Wick4. Keenu Reeves, who is the head of the rights, is already in France and lives in the luxurious George V, according to US media. Chad Stohlsky’s film We will penetrate the Persian systems such as Sean and its bridges. Munich Presented by Steven Spielberg. After filming in Berlin, the crew will stay in France for a few weeks to complete filming.

The Russo brothers will drop their cameras in the capital for their new project The Gray Man. The film stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, led by Netflix, and is funding one of its most ambitious projects. Filming will take place in the 19th-century Chatto de Chandeli.

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In the face of the easing of health measures, visits and trips between different countries will be facilitated, and such efforts on the part of the United States should be encouraged.

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