Uyghur court set up in London

Uyghur court set up in London


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First in the UK Friday, June 4, dLawyers and human rights experts Please try again To shed light on the treatmente To Uyghurs via China. Investigations must end if the country is guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide.

The Informal Court has begun its work in London (UK) Friday, June 4th. He is responsible for gathering evidence on Uyghur treatment in China. Nine lawyers and experts heard their first testimony, and the former Mandarin teacher was detained in a detention camp. His testimony is terrifying. The GThe prisoners behaved like dogs. They were doing them Curves “, Said Olfinur Print. Preliminary inquiries according to participants. BTo Sir Jeffrey Nice, Chairman of the Tribunal, “The charges against China are unlikely to be challenged in the International Criminal Court, which is why the tribunal was formed. “

The Uyghur Muslim community mainly lives in Xinjiang, an autonomous region. He condemns cultural genocide, forced labor, abduction and contraception. The Chinese government denies it: ‚ÄúThis tribunal is neither legitimate nor credible. This is anti-Chinese parody“. The Uyghur court report is due in December. It has no legal value, but its participants want to attract the attention of world powers to act against Beijing.

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