The surface and atmosphere of Venus will be mapped by NASA

The surface and atmosphere of Venus will be mapped by NASA

– These two sister missions are aimed at understanding how Venus became a hellish world, where newly-appointed NASA chief Bill Nelson says lead will melt on the surface.

One project is named Da Vinci Plus and analyzes the dense atmosphere of Venus in depth, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide. A study will be sent through the atmosphere and its sulfuric acid clouds to measure the presence of noble gases and other elements and to determine how the atmosphere formed.

This trip will attempt to determine if there was once an ocean on Venus.

Da Vinci Plus will also take the first high-resolution images of Dezera, the unique geographical landscape of Venus, which is almost comparable to Earth’s continents.

The second project Named Veritas, where a study of the orbit around Venus will map the planet’s surface to determine its geographical history. With the help of a kind of radar and infrared radiation, it can detect if there are active volcanoes on the planet and if earthquakes occur.

Germany, Italy and France are participating in this project.

“It’s amazing how little we know about Venus, but the combined results of these missions will provide answers about clouds, volcanoes and everything up to its center,” said NASA researcher Tom Wagner.

The last NASA spacecraft orbited Venus in 1990, but other spacecraft flew across the planet.

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