In Australia, the media condemned articles referring to Cardinal Bell’s trial

In Australia, the media condemned articles referring to Cardinal Bell's trial

As far as Australian justice is concerned, silence is the value of our gold. At least a few lakh euros. Twelve media outlets convicted by Victoria (Southeastern) Supreme Court on Friday, June 4Australia) To pay a total fine of 1 1.1 million (approximately, 000 700,000) for publishing in 2018 articles related to the case of Cardinal George Bell, who is charged with felony criminal mischief. Sexual abuse In the 1990s. Legal proceedings in which he is acquitted.

The court ruled that newspapers and news sites violated the “removal order” imposed by the court. This particular legal framework is aimed at preventing journalists from reporting the smallest details of the trial of the former Vatican No. 3 and the verdict that first convicted him in December 2018, so as not to affect the judges of another case involving the Cardinal. .

Read on. Cardinal Bell’s prison

The order, which was removed in February 2019, was violated by several media outlets, although it was ignored without mentioning the name of the preface. Journalists criticized the secrecy surrounding the investigation and justified it with the duty to report their articles, considering that the events were in the public interest.

Unnecessary precautions

Some newspaper headlines mocked the court’s warning “The Nation’s Biggest Affair: The Story We Can’t Tell You Or “Secret corruption. This is Australia’s most important case. Personality who has committed a heinous crime. The world knows it, but we can not say a word to you about it. “

However, Judge John Dixon believed that the precautionary measures taken were not sufficient to avoid a charge, and that journalists were present during the facts. “Utilized the function of the tribunal in matters defending the good administration of justice”. « [Ils] It has mastered for itself the right to determine the balance between Bell’s right to a fair second trial and the public’s right to know. ”, Refers to the summary of the judgment. To allow personal accusations against journalists to be dropped, the target media reached an agreement with the courts to admit guilt to avoid punishing their employees.

Incomplete legal proceedings

Most of the condemned media belong to the Australian-American billionaire Rupert Murdoch (The Daily Telegraph, or the Nine Entertainment (The Age, Channel Nine) group. Both companies were ordered to pay 0 270,000 and 80 380,000 respectively. Other newspapers such as Harold Sun., Courier mail Or Sydney Morning Herald Received lower fines.

During the sexual assault trial, Cardinal George Bell was acquitted for lack of evidence. However, he is under investigation for not condemning the actions of Pedophilia. He would have covered similar events in his diocese in the 1970s.

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