Finally, Cinélatino Acte II… –

Finally, Cinélatino Acte II… -

By the end of March, 20,000 online viewers, with almost 40,000 participants, including Cineletino’s Law I, will be living happily ever after, this Wednesday, Act II. This is the 2021 edition of the South American Film Festival. Since the sun should also be a part of the party, it’s time to finally discover the village of Sinaladino in the courtyard of La Cinamadec, chat about a drink and tapas, watch movies, many movies, and meet guests.

In the field of cinema, you can find on the big screen (it’s the best…) all the films released in March (“La Sica Nueva”, “Tengo Mido Toro”, “Carnaval” “New Order”, “Casa de Antigua”, “El Alma Cu வr Volar “And documentaries” Abenas el Sol “” La Ciudad de los Antigua “” El Ciolo Esta Rojo “).

In the “Taste of Laughter” section we can see or review “new barbarism”.

. It will conclude on Sunday, June 13 with his “Latin Bar” film paying tribute to Mexican director Paul Ledouk, who died last October.

A vibrant, political, serious, moving “Discovery” section will provide films for national release and preview. In this section, Spanish director Fernando Tropa will release his best-selling film “Lupli Que Nous” on Saturday 12th.

It also refers to this version: Cinema Statistics Guests. Thus, Maria Augusta

Ramos is an exceptional Brazilian documentary filmmaker. His documentaries (six given) combine the observation and analysis of organizational activity, thus revealing the power that works beneath the surface of everyday life. So, in Brazil in 2016, the case for the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff was the surprising “O Process” that the documentary maker will present to the public on Saturday, June 12th. In addition, a meeting with Maria Augusta Ramos on her “Perspective on Brazilian Society” will take place on Friday, June 11. (6.30 pm) In the cinema.

Alfredo Castro, one of the most acclaimed actors in Chilean cinema and critically acclaimed and revered for many of his films, will mark his presence at this festival II of the festival. A meeting with the actor has been announced for this Wednesday, June 9th (Up to 19 hours) In the cinema. Earlier, at 4.30pm, there would have been a screening of “Tony Monero” written by Pablo Lauren in the presence of Alfredo Castro.

What a celebration, so …

Sinaladino, Wednesday 9 to Sunday 12 June. Screenings at Cinematech, Cosmograph, Greater, Commont, Institute Cervantes. Full program:

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