Luka Doncic en NBA égale LeBron James dans une nouvelle statistique

LeBron drops 5 young players he admires

After this elimination and this half-hearted series in the first round According to him, LeBron James may feel the end of his career is approaching but he need not worry. He knows the NBA is in very good hands, especially thanks to the 5 players he mentioned.

This first round of playoffs strongly resembles the transfer of power between the older generation and the newer. In fact, many young talents discover the intensity of the postseason and respond more than they currently do. Although he was expelled, Ja Morant For example, it showed that he had the shoulders to shine and carry a team.

What about Trey Young who defeated the Nix and defeated all the odds! The same Derrick Rose should have recognized the talent of the young leader, and he did not hesitate to make a strong gesture And we must not forget the exploits of Luca Donsik, who was close enough to bring out the virus… clippers for him!

At age 36, and after the first dismissal in the first round of his career, LeBron James He was asked about the emergence of all these talents and the impact it had on his motivation. King agreed not to use the youth to exceed his limit, but he got the chance to pay tribute to 5 future superstars!

I don’t need anyone in this league to promote me. I encourage myself. I am driven by my family, my kids and my love of basketball. But there are still real good kids in the NBA. Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell, Luca Tansik, Ja Morand… are such special 22 or 23 year old players. Jason Todd is there too, not to be forgotten.

These players are exceptional and the league will always be in good hands with them. But they are not the ones who inspire me. I swear by my motivation from my family, from myself, from my children, from my school I have passed the age of trying to be better than young people.

LeBron James is on top of these stories அறிந்த He may have known that he would not be eternal and that it would be useless to compare himself to Luca Dansick or Jason Tatum! He is nearing the end of his career. When he retires, he knows the next generation will be ready to take charge!

LeBron James only mentions handsome men, not a few more names! Zion Williamson, Trey Young, Jaylan Brown… In fact, the league has a future Radiation!

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