Justice tax for multinational corporations – exemption

Justice tax for multinational corporations - exemption


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The new U.S. administration has been protecting the G7 in London since this Friday, establishing an international minimum tax rate for large corporations. A surprising improvement in the face of tax improvement strategies.

America is back. «America is back, Joe Biden made the announcement at the Munich Security Conference on 19 February. After four years of inventions and fees by his predecessor Donald Trump, the new US president has finally paid tribute to diplomacy and the virtues of the Atlantic Alliance. “America First”. However, no one had a clear idea of ​​the new international commitment to the United States, and the prediction that Joe Biden would be the mastermind of the consensus between 137 and four months after coming to the White House was low. OECD Member States. During the first G7 of his presidency, which begins in London this Friday, June 4, pose as the designer of a global offensive against tax havens.

Joseph Stiglitz, an economist who has already judged the deal between the seven, praised it “The Paris Agreement should be taxed …

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