Dictoc to collect biometric data from US users

The social network has changed its privacy policy and now allows itself to collect some biometric data such as the face and voice prints of its users.

The information may have gone unnoticed. On Wednesday, Dictoc changed its privacy policy and added its division “Image and Audio Info”, Opportunity for the companyCollect biometric identifiers And biometric information ”, And in particular “Facial prints and voice prints”, From content posted by users. In short, Dictoc can now automatically identify and collect “Biometric Identifiers and Biometric Information as defined by US Laws”. The company, contacted by American media Tech Crunch, has so far declined to comment, arguing that it would ensure upstream if a collection of biometric data was to take place. Consent of its users.

A new black dot for Dictoc seems to be accelerating the company’s efforts to demonstrate its transparency and good faith since Donald Trump was targeted during his presidency. In Europe, this change in D&C is unlikely to be verified by GDPR and various regulatory bodies.

On the French side, the social network, in conjunction with Bale Employ, supports job seekers through tagging in their research. # MissionEmployee. Thus the French could find a place completely devoted to job search and training. Launched today, the initiative will connect users directly with companies and provide a number of tips to improve youth search.

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