A lot. Sinaladino in Cohort, a month of Latin American cinema

The team of Cine + and the Grand Balloys and Cultural Assistant at Town Hall, Franுவாois Fabert, welcomes the return of the Sinaladino Festival to the Cahors. (© Act-Lot)

To celebrate the reopening of cinemas, TheCine + Association And Grand Palace Presented at the Cahors Festival from June 6 to July 5, 2021 Sineladino.

June 2021 is a busy month for the Cornwall + Association of Cahors

June 2021 is a busy monthCine + Association With many crowds at the “Le Grand Poys” cinema.

1There is Appointment, Cine + Team hosts an exhibition of cinema posters On the premises of the Grand Palace, posters are sold to the public.

2e Event, The Kadursian Association celebrates its 40th anniversary a year late (Unable to organize anniversary in 2020 due to health condition). A special evening has been arranged for Monday, June 26, 1980, with the screening of a film released in 1980, which also celebrates its 40th anniversary. “Monty Python: Brian’s Life” by Terry Jones. In the midst of “Shining” written by Stanley Kubrick celebrating his 40th birthday, the Cine + team has chosen the comic film to relax after a complicated start this year.

Oscar-winning director Fernando Tropa will be in Cahors

Latin American cinema enthusiasts are delighted to host the Cineletino Festival over a period of one month from Sunday, June 6 to Monday, July 5, 2021. As mentioned Bertrand Serin, President of Cine +, Cine + Association and Le Grand Poys Cinema wanted to offer a project that lasted more than a month rather than a traditional, dense festival design.

Two guests are currently announced. The Brazilian director Andrea Santana Will present the documentary “Les Voice to Review” (co-directed by Jean-Pierre Tourette) on Monday, June 10 at 6:30 p.m. Director Fernando TropaThe 1994 Oscar winner for his film “Belly Epoch” will present his new film “Loubbley Knows Sera” on Sunday, June 13 at 6.30pm in Cahors.

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The Sinaladino Festival, co-organized with the Cahors Jun Jardines Festival of the documentary “Green Lungs and the Red Carpet” by French director Luc Marescott, opens on Sunday, June 6 at 6.15 pm

A festive evening is scheduled for Monday, June 21 for the music festival. Documentary “Bhuvana Vista Community Club” by Wim Venders, Which will be remade and will hit French screens this summer and will be screened at 6 p.m. After the film, Matthew Tetu and Andre da Silva will present a concert of Brazilian music on the Grand Palais’ Esplanade.

Travelers to the festival can see the classics or revisit them “I am Cuba” by Michael Kaladosov (1964), “The Conspiracy” by Juan Jose Campanella

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