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Elon Muskin’s company SpaceX is reported to be launching rockets from the sea soon. Musk also announced that the rocket could be launched from a space shuttle at sea early next year. This is the first time a private company has launched a rocket from the sea.

SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft will be tested at sea to travel to Mars and the Moon. Launches at sea are often aimed at starship tests. It is believed that this very challenging experiment on land can be carried out at sea without any worries.

Musk revealed on social media that Timos, also known as Spaceport, is currently under construction. Musk said he expects to be able to launch rockets from the sea by 2022. Musk tweeted that next year’s Ocean Spaceport Timos will be under construction.

The private space agency is said to have purchased two oil rigs last year to shift launch pads and landing sites to the sea for tests of the next-generation spacecraft for space travel. They are named for two red moons, Phobos and Timos.

English Summary: SpaceX may launch rockets from ocean space soon next year

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