Kavi was cut by Rajon Rondo after the questionable selection against Maws!

Kawhi recadré par Rajon Rondo après son tir manqué ! NBA

In the very close final, the Clippers had a chance to score again during Game 5 against Maverick. Kavi Leonard tried a more complex shoot, which did not please Rajon Rondo.

Being a team supporter in Los Angeles is not good now, even if you are a lockers or clippers. In fact, the two best names are now in the same situation: they have dropped 2-3 and the next match could end their season. So the Suns, and the Maws, will play bigger in Game 6.

Here, we are particularly interested in the cases of Tyrone Lou’s men who lost this Wednesday evening after a show with Luca Tansik (Find out here), Author of 42 points. When the Slovenian regains its senses, things are much better for Dallas, and now Los Angeles has to react to the next two meetings.

However, they could have avoided this situation. In the final, the Clippers came back to 1 point and recaptured the lead with a 100-103 lead in the final seconds. Inspired a little, Kavi Leonard He did about anything with a serious effort in the three-point corner. I have to tell you that Rajon did not like Rondo.

As you can tell by the expression on his face, Rondo did not understand Kavi’s choice. His shot is dangerous and he still has time to find a better solution. Like his last quarter, the former rapper had a very complex game, and his picks in the final raise questions.

The clippers are now back on the wall and need to win the next two games to escape elimination. If this happens, we in the City of Angels will have to ask serious questions, especially since this list is not credible.

Kavi Leonard did not make the best decision in this shoot and we imagine Rajon Rondo should have made it clear to him more than once. This gives success to clippers who no longer have the right to make mistakes.

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