Buckingham Palace is said to have prevented minorities from administrative work

Une enquête du Guardian, basée sur des documents issus des Archives nationales, affirme que Buckingham Palace auraient empêché des minorités ethniques et des étrangers d’occuper des postes administratifs… alors qu’ils pouvaient travailler en tant que domestiques. Photo Steve Parsons / POOL / AFP

A Guardian inquiry into the National Archives’ documents suggests that Buckingham Palace may have barred ethnic minorities and foreigners from executive positions … and that they could serve as domestic servants. Photo by Steve Parsons / POOL / AFP – AFP

That’s one New charge of racism It weighs on the British royal family. An investigation Guardian Buckingham Palace claims to have barred ethnic or foreign minorities from performing administrative functions within the royal family, at least until the late 1960s.

The British media found documents confirming these facts in the National Archives. In one of them, in 1968, the Queen’s Chief Financial Officer told officials: In fact, this is not the practice of naming people of color or foreigners Family For executive positions in the royal family. They have the right to work as employees, however, the newspaper said.

Once this procedure is completed the documents are not specified precisely. Connected Guardian, Buckingham Palace The journalist did not answer questions, nor did he mention when the procedure was completed. However, the company said it had found traces of minority workers at Buckingham Palace in its files in the 1990s, noting that it did not have files on the ethnic origins of its employees until a decade ago.

Separately, how Buckingham negotiated the controversial clauses is still relevant today according to the British daily, which allows the Queen and members of the royal family to break the law. It is illegal to refuse a person a job because of their race or gender. The Guardian It states that this exception has been in effect since the 1970s and therefore the Queen has been exempt for more than forty years.

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In the quoted press release Guardian, Buckingham Palace says: ” The Royal Family and the Queen conform to the principle of equality in principle and practice. This is reflected in the practices of diversity, inclusion and dignity in the work, within the royal household. .

A family already plagued by racist allegations

These revelations are expected to damage the image of the royal family (and the queen who cannot ignore the issue), who have been accused of racism for months, including Prince Harry and Megan Markle. Their Interview exploding Avec Oprah Winfrey.

Sussex is remarkably a member of the royal family, they are not named (but it is not Not the queen or the husband), Revealed ” Concerns » In the future skin color of their son, Archie, before he was born. Megan Markle, the first Medis member of the royal family, and her son, ” The first Medis member of the royal family did not receive the same degrees as the other grandchildren “As a reminder of the Queen, Archie has no royal title, Indicating that he did not have the security service paid for by the British Crown.

On several occasions, members of the royal family tried to save the furniture: Prince William promised that the British royal family was “not racist” and that Queen Elizabeth II, in a statement, had taken it “very seriously”. Allegations of racism initiated by the couple.

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