Awesome comeback of Blue Zeus in the ninth round last night

Awesome comeback of Blue Zeus in the ninth round last night

Last night, Alec Manova hoped to echo his magic from the first game at the Bronx, but it didn’t happen. Why?

No, not because the starter went without luck. Not because he underestimated Marlins. That’s because you don’t get the Majors pitcher overnight.

The big problem is that his effect is not the usual bite to the bullets. Manoah hung up a few balls, which pleased Corey Dickerson, Jazz Sisholm Jr. and Jesus Aguilar, who all hit a long ball against Manoah.

The result? From 0.00 ERA, he is at 3.86 due to the three runs he has scored in 3.1 innings.

I’m going to go home after he recalls: he can throw in the Majors, but I do not know if he can suffer in the Majors because he never did in the Milbore. So its next release will be a great test in this regard.

Will he get a chance in Toronto or on behalf of Buffalo Bisons?

But right. Luckily for him, Jayce never gave up. During the match, Randall Christch hit two long balls. It was 5-3 when Bo Pichet took two runs to level the game.

In the end, Joe Panick made the last point of the game when Vladi Jr. quietly ran for the home plate.

Interestingly, Jayce was never really in the game. It was raining and we did not know if it would be possible to come back or if the match would be abandoned.

But in the end, when it was so important, Jayas stood up.

This kept Alec Manova safe from defeat. This allowed the club to beat the Miami Marlins in two games.

But above all, it gave the club gas, knowing that it could exacerbate such a shortage.

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  • 11 points in a set for Dodgers (first, even): Unheard of in regular season.
  • My thoughts are with Jack Evans.

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