A swimming pool suspended between two buildings has opened in London

A swimming pool suspended between two buildings has opened in London

From May 19, wealthy residents in an apartment in the British capital will be able to swim in an open pool 35 meters above the ground. First a world.

Vertiginous, For that Daily Mail, Not recommended “Sensitive Souls”, Confident Daily Mirror. The suspended swimming pool, which opened on May 19 in south-west London, does not deserve to be described as a ski pool. “Sprinkle in a transparent box suspended 35 meters from the ground? For some it is a straight look from their nightmares. But for others it is the height of chic.” Summary CNN.

The 25 meter long pool is located between the tenth floor of two luxury buildings in the embassy garden house near the Thames. “It is the world’s first open and free swimming pool. Built in acrylic in the United States, the structure is three meters deep. Describes the American television channel.

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Summer temperatures recorded last weekend in the British capital may have provoked the people of London, “This place is not accessible to everyone”, Warn him Daily Mirror. Only wealthy residents in the embassy gardens near the new US embassy D3 It will cost 1.2 million euros and you can swim in it. “According to one of the tenants, he used the method of partially buying his apartment, the beneficiaries of affordable housing” Can’t go to the ski pool. Neither did I enjoy the view of London Eye and Westminster.

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