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Results of the French embassy election in London

The results of the diplomatic elections in London are known with the bonus of good news: a significant increase in the turnout this year.

Epidemiology reports that the embassy has stepped up its efforts to encourage participation. Promoting electronic voting in these elections, The number of registered voters this year has increased to more than 107,000, Against nearly 79,000 in 2014 in the 2nd British constituency. Thus, more than 97% of those involved used Internet voting !

We now know the outcome of this walk! So they were chosen as advisors to the French people living abroad, Who will represent us at our London Embassy and Embassy :

Mr. Bertin Oliver
Mrs. ORTIS .p. SPARROW Marie-Claire
Mrs. Mortens th. CONNELL Patricia
In the battle of M. MAIGNE
M. Hutton Nicholas
Mrs. MALLET Amélie
M. Ahmar Sami

As for the embassy representatives, Who will elect the senators to represent the French people living outside France :

Mr. Boraci Fabrice
Mrs. CARPENTIER .p. Rosette Celia
Mrs. LEDOUX Emmanuel
Mr. PLANTÉ Julian
Mrs. COUDERT .p. DBOUK Marlon
Marcus Silk Laurent
Mrs. Rutier Sophie
Mr. Fournier Frederick
Mrs. Gillemin Logier Mary-Andre
Mme SMADJA Catherine
M. Adol Christoph
Mrs. LEFEVRE .p. Lelex Christine

Finally, below you will find a summary of the lists of votes you received and the seats allotted accordingly.

Results of lists with reserved seats accordingly
Election of Consultants and Diplomatic Representatives for French People Abroad – May 29 and 30, 2021

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