Presented by Halot in Australia – Construction Koyola

Presented by Halot in Australia - Construction Koyola

On May 12 and 13, 2021, Hollot participated in the HIRE21 event in Gold Coast, Australia. On this occasion, the Australian subsidiary provided the group’s latest sites and services and won the prestigious “Supplier of the Year” and “Best New Product” awards with the HS15 E PRO Scissor Lift.

Double blow to Hollot during the awards ceremony at HIRE21. The team not only presented its new Fulcio generation chisel, but also won the Supplier of the Year award.

“It is an honor to have these two differences. They reward the hard work of our teams across the country. Thank you to our customers for supporting the Halot brand.”, Said Keith Clark, general manager of Halot Australia.

All the focus was on the new HS15 E PRO scissors lift, which was selected as the best machine of the year at the show. Combining remarkable road performance, exceptional load capacity and environmental responsibility, this electric site operates quietly without emitting polluting gases, indoors or outdoors. “This new Palsio machine offers new opportunities,” the audience excited. They won by three charging solutions that allowed them to adapt to the barriers of work sites. The basket includes all the innovations of the panel, namely Halo ActiveShield Bar, Halo Active ‘Lighting System, Halo Active’ Energy Management and Halo Active Screen.

The STAR 6 crawler vertical mast on the stand was well received. Its track structure makes it possible to thank it for its low ground pressure on a very random basis and weak basis.

For two days, demonstrations followed each other in the halot position. Visitors were able to test the Halot Telematics solution and the new service portal. Designed to simplify naval administration, the integrated Sherbal solution provides remote access to valuable data to make the right decisions at the right time. The portal, which integrates all the services of the team, also made a strong impression.

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