Breakfast: Sales NFL |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Breakfast: Sales NFL | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

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– [Top 50] # 33: Tyrone Matthew, “Honey Badger”

Acceleration of future transfers?

It is official: this terrible month of May is over, and June opens under the sun. Beyond a simple step towards summer, the NFL in this column in June. In fact, from Tuesday onwards, if any player is transferred or cut from one team to another his impact on the course of his original team will extend beyond the next season to the rest of his contract.

So, more than $ 23 million would have been on the Falcons’ backs during the hat transaction. Julio Jones (WR) Before Tuesday there will now be only 7 million and dust … what could have accelerated Jones’ transfers, but players like that Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers), Zach Erds (DE, Eagles) or Daniel Hunter (DE, Vikings). Keep your challenge!

Bills take place

According to ESPN in Field Yates, New York State Ownership has renewed the agreement Stephen Dix (WR) Releases less than 11 million caps for next season.

The league rules make trading easier from June 1 and like big names Julio Jones (WR, Falcons) Or Sock Earts (TE, Eagles) Announcing departure, the movement will mark a major player on the buffalo side.

Washington wants to heal the minds of its players

The Washington football team on Tuesday announced the appointment of Barbara Roberts as “Director of Owners Welfare”. Apparently, the term “psychologist” is forbidden, although it is Roberts’ basic training.

Ambition? “Focus on the development of psychological well-being and its impact on public health and performance”.

Roberts will only be the eighth such employee in the league. See if this will allow Washington to retain the NFC East.

Bruce wants to see more players in Arians training

At work, there are always those small custom meetings where your absence prevents you from the next promotional ads. Obviously, this is a small view Bruce Arians (Entrasnur, Buchananers) Optional OTAs are organized by its ownership.

“People here are acting like crazy,” Arians told’s Greg Ackman. “I would like to see ten more people competing for positions without knowing it.”

Tip: They don’t know it yet, but they are already out.


– Texans signed Rex Burkehead (RP) One year, according to Ian Roboport of the NFL Network.

– The Falcons announced that they had signed Tyler Newsom (B).

– Jaguar has announced that it has signed Nick Sorensen As the coach of their special teams.

– Signed by Rams Dayan Lake (DP) According to

– 49 people have been recruited Andy Jones (WR) According to his agent. According to Matt Mayoko of NBCSportsBayArea, they are cut Daniel Helm (TO) And Josh Johnson (QB).


CJ Osoma (DE, Bengal) The Achilles tendon he experienced in the 2nd week of the 2020 season has fully recovered from the tears. This was confirmed to the Cincinnati Inquiry.

KJ Hamler (WR, Broncos) He was left to rest practically on Tuesday due to thigh pain. Rest throughout the week for Baron Browning (LP) affected by the foot. (


– Absent from last season, Delaney Walker (TE) Don’t give up the craze to play in the NFL. According to the NFL network, he is scheduled to meet with 49 people and conduct a test this Wednesday.


Isaiah Simmons (LP, Cardinals) Decided to take the number 9.

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