All-Star Game 2021: MLP may be forced to bring him back to Atlanta

All-Star Game 2021: MLP may be forced to bring him back to Atlanta

Earlier this year, several uprisings erupted following the enactment of a law by the state of Georgia regarding the electoral process. MLP was involved in these reactions, and in response to the law, decided to move the 2021 All-Star Games to Atlanta to Coors Field, Colorado.

It was largely motivated by threats of boycott from some of the league’s leading figures.

Although everything seems to be over and we have the impression that this whole story is over, we are aware that there is currently a lawsuit filed by the Community Work Creators Network of Business People. .

What are they asking for? The 2021 All-Star Game was held on the Atlanta side of, after all, $ 100 million in compensation for cancellations that affected merchants following a state change to hold the meeting.

When MLP announced it was moving its all-star game to Colorado and launched a campaign against Rob Manfred and his league, Jobs Creator Network is known to have been very vocal in expressing its dissatisfaction. But now they are suing and talking.

Jobs Creator Network is judging small and medium-sized businesses in the Cope County area (where Braves Stadium is located) because some media outlets report that nearly 8,000 hotels in the area have been canceled.

This will be an issue to look at in the coming weeks. Right now, the meeting is scheduled for July 13th in Coorsfield, but in the uncertainty surrounding the situation do not put that date on your calendar yet.

To be continued, so …

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