A big moon covers the sun: real or bike?

ירח ענק - פייק (צילום: סעיף 27א לחוק זכויות יוצרים)

Surprising documents of a large moon ascending quickly into the sky and obscuring the sunlight excite surfers on the net web, many surfers have tried to understand if this is a real document or a well-edited video by David Davidson Research and found the answer

Giant Moon - Bike (Photo: Section 27A of the Copyright Act)
Photo: Section 27A of the Copyright Act

In a new video that ran on social media last week, a giant moon appears from the horizon, skies quickly into the sky, approaches the sun, suddenly, without warning – complete darkness. The spectacular eclipse in its beauty, which lasted a few seconds, shocked surfers wondering if it was real. So he turns out to be a complete bike. Here is the explanation.

“Congratulations to the creator who confirmed that the shaded side of the moon is always against the sun,” said Weissmann’s astronomer David Polishuk. “The right part is about where it ends. The size of the moon from the earth is the same as the sun. It’s the position of the sun in a standard video. It represents a short time (30 seconds text accordingly). The moon actually moves very fast. Due to the rotation of the earth’s axis (24 hour rotation). This reflects the fact that the Moon’s motion around the Earth is much slower (rotation in a month) and that the Moon moves much slower from the Sun than the video. “

Polishuk explains, “When the moon covers the sun, the darkness in the sky is not so sudden, but gradually – anyone who has seen a total solar eclipse experiences this miraculous experience. For example, in 2017 I saw two such events in the US and” in Turkey. “

Davidson Institute Description: This is where the solar eclipse occurred

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